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Switch Your Business to Online

For Traditional Business, it’s the right time to turn your business online! For SMEs — this is your time to Expand and make your business borderless!


Based on 11 CedCommerce and 12 USA’s International Trade Administration, the trends of Shoppers on Malaysia show that:

More than 80% of shoppers shop on their smartphones

Over 59% of digital shoppers shop at least once a month

50% of the Malaysian population are active online shoppers

Malaysia’s eCommerce valued US$6 billion 2020* & revenue per user is at US$314

Customers these days prefer shopping online and selling through e-Commerce platforms. Be it retailer, distributor, manufacturer, or any other brand with products or services to sell, a B2C approach to sell and service is the most effective way to do business.

Improve User Experience

Sell Products over Website

Drive more revenue for your business

Fastest payback period in month time

As for brand who already own a website, below are a few pointers to cross check whether you have fully optimized on maximizing customer browsing and shopping experience:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Management (SEM)

These two are  oftenly being mixed up by a less techy person. Search Engine  Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or web page thru medium like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu & etc. The later,  Search Engine Management (SEM) refers to the use Internet marketing that involves increasing the visibility of websites in search engine results pages, primarily through paid advertising.

Responsive Web Design

Always keep this in mind: “Keep your website stupid and ensure Customers’ / Visitors’ could browse through your website without the need of cracking their mind.” Less brain power needed to figure out your website equivalent of increment of the browsing time for products / items shopping on the website.

Easy Content Management System

It’s good to aim for the greatest feature to be displayed on a website. However, if all the adjustments on the website needed a tech person to alter, that would be disastrous. Rule of thumb is to have the website as simple as anybody could login to make amendments, especially on updating promotion details or product copy. You wouldn’t want to just rely on the Tech team to help on that and the rest of the team couldn’t.

Interactive Banners

Ensure the big banners on your homepage are scrollable, clickable & direct to specific page for customers / visitors to learn more about the products, promotions or announcements. Banner should be the center of the attention to grasp customers / visitors’ attention when they first come into the website. So, don’t risk the chance of chasing them away, when your Banner is not doing what it meant to be.

Fast Delivery

If you are selling physical products, make sure you listed down on the expected time / day on the duration needed for customers to get their purchase. Best, it will be having a dedicated page for them to track their orders’ status. The last and the most important part, engage with a reliable courier company to handle the delivery in a speedy manner.



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