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What is Spookify?

Introduce to you our proudest digital marketing service, Spookify. It is what the name is trying to describe to you! Spookify can be adopted by companies of any size with goals to have a direct & precise approach to “CLICK” with their targeted crowd effectively. Most importantly, to achieve fast production of digital marketing materials with less manpower involved and at the same time uplift quality of works with lesser time needed.

How does Spookify work?


Generates articles / postings (texts) based on selected keywords, crowds’ reading preferences


Generates visuals based on client’s corporate image + viewing audiences’ preference with minor tweak from Senior Graphic Designer if required


Texts & visuals generated are fully based on data & info collected online over a specific period of time, location and ethnicity

Highlights of using Spookify work?


Enables marketing teams to rapidly analyze massive amounts of customer data in order to predict a custo mer’s needs and desires and last generate digital marketing materials which rhyme with customers


Enable a company or brand to better understand its customers and communicate with them

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