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What is Geek-golo?

Looking for a talented & dedicated TECH house to work on your project or to build a tailored-made solution? Look no further than GEEK-GOLO. We’ve full-fledged Geeks in your command and they’re the GOLO (the best, meaning interpreted from the urban dictionary). Chances are you might or might not have heard about us until this point, as we keep our works low-key and discrete. We’ve listed down some of our long term clients below, just in case you’re curious … Our marketing strategy is always from word-of-mouth, the best way to find a good match of customer to adopt our services. 😀

What you get from our GEEK-GOLO

Dedicated team to cover from conceptualization to realization: consultation, ideation, design, development & automated testing

Deliver tailored-made solutions

Highlights of Using Geek-golo

Case studies: Daikin, Boustead, Sime Darby, Fujifilm, Handerson Interlogistic & more

Our top strength is to build operational systems to lighten day-to-day human work with customized system

Most of our operational systems / products are widely used by big brands & even SMEs are beneficial from them

OrderPlan | Order & Packing Management System

  • Reduce packing errors by 34% for F&B Ecommerce Brands
  • Increase manpower efficiency by 25%

Suitable user: Online Fresh Goods Sellers (Cakes, Fruits, Groceries & etc.)

Bounty | Shipment Management System

  • Generate different Summary of Sales, Inventory, Container Tracking & more reports for Managers
  • Reduce dependency on workers’ hands-on involvement by  40%

Suitable user: Online Fresh Goods Sellers (Cakes, Fruits, Groceries & etc.)

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