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Do you really need a Brand.com?

What can a brand website really do? It’s meant to be a place for more people to get to know your brand, your products and the team behind it. A clean and easy to browse website can enhance the brand’s image, increase the visibility of your products online and most importantly increase the chance for conversion or successful purchase. Website is also one of the crucial channels for online crowds to interact and communicate with the brand. SO, what’re the pointers of an user-friendly website?

The KEYS: Website Design & User Interaction

10 seconds

It’s the time frame a visitor decides whether to continue scrolling through a website or leave right away. Both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the keys to determine whether the website is friendly or easy to navigate around. From the start of getting into the website, scrolling through the products, tracking on the past purchase history, recommending products closest to your potential customers’ preferences.Top of the top, the website MUST be simple and easy to navigate, so the potential customers can quickly come to a decision to purchase your product. The overall appearance of your website helps to enhance your brand identity to increase brand stickiness and stand out from the other industry players.

Types of website that we built:

Ecommerce Website

Informative Website