Our Team

We Build What You Need

A Digital Agency

We started up as system developers and now we added in website design service to our list to provide a well rounded service for clients.

Forward Thinking

We are always looking for better and more creative ways to provide web and system solution to our clients.

Problem Solvers

Need IT job to solve some of your tedious problems but do not know how to do it? Leave us a message so we can meet and provide IT consultation on your matters.

Customer Support

Drops us an email , give us a phone call, WhatsApp us or even WeChat one of our teammembers, we will get back to your problem as soon as possible.

Our Ambitious Goals

  • We build system that just work! Our team of software engineers work collaboratively with businesses to develop successful software products and provides seamless customer experiences.
  • We build what you need! We ask questions, understand what you are trying to achieve and why, find solutions, combine strategy and develop. Translating your requirement into working solution, all systems are built based on your requirements.
  • You can count on us! No matter if you are interested in the whole process from scratch or need our solutions at one stage only, whether it is a one-time project, full-time onsite engineer, looking for annual maintenance services or project management on software, we have the resources to fulfill all your needs.
  • Web Application Development 100%
  • System Consultation 100%
  • Website Design 90%
  • ECommerce Setup 90%
  • Website Maintenance 80%
  • Photography 70%
Fox Tan Boon Siang

Fox Tan Boon Siang

System Developer

DP Wong Zi Yi

DP Wong Zi Yi

Web Designer

Zen Wong

Zen Wong

Business Development Manager